Maggie Mae Fish
Maggie Mae Fish
Actor, Writer, Court Jester




A short film I wrote, directed, and featured in, produced by WhoHaHa.


About me

I am a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, and comedian. Major credits include Mrs. Scutter on the DreamworksTV/Amazon show Matty Paz is a N00b, upcoming lead in the dramady Rhythm, and a beloved (according to the comment section) actor for Cracked. You may have also seen me in commercials selling you capitalistic goods!

As a creator and writer, I am interested in sharp social commentary, crafting complicated characters, and fast-paced comedic dialogue.

Besides acting and writing, I am a Chicago-trained comedian featured on the Harold Team Wheelhouse at iO West, and was previously a performer at iO Chicago and Second City Chicago. My latest written sketch show This is History was featured on the Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles, and have been a featured stand up comedian on the Comedy Store main stage.

Fans can follow my work with my 35k Followers on Twitter and 25k Subscribers on YouTube.

On this site, you can look at my resume, reel, contact me for future projects, and see some photos of my face.