Hello Internet surfers! (Are we still technically surfers? I feel like surfers are the only people on the planet who might NOT use the Internet.)

Iā€™m a Los Angeles based actress, writer, and comedian who studied Theatre, Film, and Creative Writing at Northwestern University, where many other cooler people than I have also studied.

I perform at iO Theatre, The Public House Theatre, UCB, Comedy Central Stage, The Comedy StoreThe HaHa Cafe, and in various backyards. My latest feature ā€œSand Castlesā€ has won numerous awards in the US and abroad, and am the lead in "Love the Ones You're With" featured in the Los Angeles Fringe Festival. You can also see me making fun of Rivers Cumo in Weezer's "Go Away" music video and on the tv comedy "Bear Tours."

On this site, you can look at my resume, reel, contact me for future projects, and see some photos of my face.

Sometimes people quote someone on their websites.
— Someone