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Oh hai Mark.

I am a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, and comedian. Major credits include a featured sketch actor on CONAN, Mrs. Scutter on the DreamworksTV/Amazon show Matty Paz is a N00b, and a beloved (according to the comment section) actor for Cracked.

I’m currently a writer, producer, and actor on the DreamworksTV/Amazon show OMG airing in April.

Besides acting and writing, I am a Chicago-trained comedian featured on the Harold Team Wheelhouse at iO West, and was previously a performer at iO Chicago and Second City Chicago. My latest written sketch show This is History was featured on the Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles, and have been a featured stand up comedian on the Comedy Store main stage.

Fans can follow my work with my 31k Followers on Twitter, 5k Subscribers on YouTube, and am a Twitch Affiliate with 700 Followers.

On this site, you can look at my resume, reel, contact me for future projects, and see some photos of my face.